Who We Served

What Is It?

Haggard Innovations builds websites for businesses and manages ad campaigns on our HI Media Network

What does it do for me?

We build modern, mobile optimized(cell phone compatable) websites and run ad campaigns through our own media network, both at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Why do I care?

Building Websites and hiring ad agency’s are full of wasted time and money with constant negotiating, design issues, arguments, etc. We got tired of it. With our set it and forget it contract free payment structure,  fairer pricing, all without sacrificing quality. Haggard Innovations offers solutions to grow your business without the price gouging of most freelancers and ad agencies.

How Much Does It Cost

Pricing varies depending on the scope of the website or ad campaign, but the average bill for most Haggard Innovations clients is 200 USD.

Do I have to supply my own advertisement material

if you already have it, sure! Haggard Innovations is happy to develop banner ads and promotional material at no extra cost

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